Tactics Productions is full service production company in Dallas, TX with deep roots in the local music and arts scene through the company’s president and primary talent buyer, Kris Youmans’ own history in the local arts. Kris graduated high school out of the Arts Magnet school that produced other notable musical talent like Erykah Badu and Norah Jones; with interests in both directing films and booking music. His musical achievements have been widely recognized on both ends of the music industry, from winning Best Booking Agent multiple times in the annual Dallas Observer Music Awards to joining several world tours performing as a cellist. Kris has a classical background in music and a deep history in the Dallas and Denton local music scenes as both performer and promoter for more than 15 years. He has developed several successful clubs including Rubber Gloves in Denton and The Granada Theater, The Loft and South Side Music Hall in Dallas. His true passion is directing film and music videos and has produced several notable music videos, film shorts and other pieces locally in Dallas, TX. Kris has strong ties to the local arts communities from graphics arts, film and music and approaches the operations of Tactics Productions as an opportunity to build awareness and appreciation for great art and the community that supports and produces it locally.

Tactics Productions offers a variety of services both privately on behalf of organizations in need of talent buying, music or video production, digital and social media, interactive marketing and other professional services; as well as regularly producing live entertainment events like concerts, comedy productions and more. If you are a regular concert goer in the Dallas area there is a very good chance you have been to an event booked, promoted or produced by a member of Tactics Productions. If you are an avid social networker you have probably interacted with one of our digital marketers, perhaps without even realizing it. We produce amazing events in Dallas and are committed to the development of the local arts community; join the ranks of our affiliates, partners and friends by joining our mailing list, liking us on Facebook or following us on Twitter. We’re good people.